The 10 Step Guide to Getting into Pharmacy School

10 Step Guide to Getting into Pharmacy School

Get into Pharmacy School

When I was applying for pharmacy school, there wasn’t a lot of blogs to read or guides to follow on the process of getting into pharmacy school  or what the application committee looks for in their applicants. I created this e-book because I wanted to teach other students how to get accepted into pharmacy school and my exact steps that I took to do just that, on the first time. For those who don’t follow my blog, I am a current pharmacy student at the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy where I started the program in 2016 and will graduate with my PharmD degree in 2020. As you can see, I’m writing this book as I’m in the process of being a pharmacist, which means that I am giving you first-hand advice that is not only accurate but fresh.

What you’ll learn from this ebook:

  • how to learn if pharmacy is the right career path for you
  • how to gain pharmacy experience as a freshmen in college
  • how to connect with current pharmacy students and professors
  • how to get involved on campus without destroying your study game
  • learn how to study for the PCAT and when you should take it
  • the exact steps that I took to get into pharmacy school the first time that I applied