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When you're first starting out with blogging or in your pharmacy career, it can seem so overwhelming or daunting. But I promise you, it doesn't have to be like that!

I started this free 15 minute consultation for a few reasons. 1) of which is because I want to get to know you on a more personal level and 2) because I want to give you the answers of questions you've been dying to know.

When I was going through my journey of applying for pharmacy school or starting a blog, there wasn't anyone to help me, especially not for free! Now I'm giving you that option so let's get started:

Here are some examples of things we can discuss in our chat:


  • how to monetize your blog from day one
  • how to create your first product
  • how to gain more Pageviews in less than a month
  • how to organically grow your social media accounts


  • how to apply for pharmacy school
  • mock pharmacy school interview
  • the different types of careers you can have as a pharmacist
  • how to create a professional looking resume
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