4 Tips to Avoid Hair Salon Anxiety

For years, I used to dread going to the hair salon. Call it fear or anxiety, it was one and the same to me. If it wasn’t for having too many situations of leaving a salon unsatisfied, I wouldn’t have this problem at all. So for years, I would just avoid a hair salon in general. I wouldn’t even go for a trim because I was scared the hair dresser would get scissor happy and leaving me bald-headed. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve shaved my head twice for cancer, but since I’ve been growing out my curls, I want to maintain any length I have as much as possible. 

Here are my tips that have helped me avoid hair salon anxiety and have the best experience getting my hair done by the professionals…

Getting your cut or style by the professionals shouldn't be a scary experience. Learn the tips that help me avoid hair salon anxiety.

Do your research

Don’t get too stuck in the research phase, that you never take the leap to actually go to the hair salon. I’m going to be honest that this is the part that I get stuck in. I do so much research that I never feel like I know enough. But trust me when I say, you’ll learn more about the salon when you actually call the salon or go into the salon in person to see the way the shop runs. If the person on the phone is really nice and helpful, then that usually calms my nerves and makes me trust them more. The same goes when I walk into the salon with a ton of questions and everyone is super nice when replying to my essay.

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Look at photos of the hairdresser’s work

A picture says a thousand words, right? Same goes for pictures of a hairdresser’s work or the salon’s work. You can see what the beginning and ending of each hairstyle, including if you like the results. I always look to see if the hair stylist can do amazing work on different types of hair textures. With my curly hair, I need a pro to make magic happen.

A picture says a thousand words, right? So check the hair salon's photos of their work to get a better idea. Click To Tweet

Read any reviews

I always check out Facebook and Instagram for the true reviews of the artist’s work. Nothing tells it all if there are stunning reviews from former customers posting about their new do. Plus that means I get to see more angles and more photos of their work, so it’s a win-win.


Make sure to discuss every aspect of the hair cut or style before they start

During the last haircut that I got, I made sure to ask every question that I had and my stylist made sure to walk me through everything that she was doing. Every snip or turn, I knew exactly what and why she was doing what she was doing. That calmed my nerves so much, and I really enjoyed myself. So ask away!


Making sure that you’re comfortable with the salon and the individual hair stylist is the best way to levitate any anxiety that getting a haircut gives you. Knowledge is power, and it’s the same for learning more about who’s going to take care of your hair. Truly see what you like and don’t like it before making a decision. Going to the hair salon doesn’t have to be scary!

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