My 22nd Birthday Wishlist: What I Have My Eyes On

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You know what I think is the hardest question to answer is? “What do you want for your birthday or for Christmas?” I’m the kind of person where I kind of have an idea of pieces or items that I want, but not be quite ready to spend money on them yet. So when Christmas and birthdays come around, I’m almost at a lost of what I want, besides money and someone paying my adult bills. But this year, I decided to create a list of some items that I’ve been wanting for anyone who is looking to buy me something for the holidays. Or shoot, I might buy them my darn self, depends on how much I spend on others.

So without further ado, here’s my entire wish list for my 22nd Birthday and for Christmas…

22nd Birthday & Christmas Wish List 2017


  1. Too Faced Just Peachy Matte Palette– This palette just came out on the market, but it looks absolutely gorgeous in the pan and I would love to test it out. I’m definitely still a newbie when it comes to doing eye makeup, but hey you got to start somewhere right?


  1. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in Champagne Pop– A girl can never have too much highlighters in her makeup collection, and this beau is a stunner! I just want to put it all over my face so I can glow to the high heavens. Talk about “shining, shining, shining, yeaaa”


  1. Apollo Pink Toolkit– This is such a random pick, but I’ve always wanted to have a toolkit that I can reach for when I need to fix something in my apartment real quick. This one comes in a pretty feminine color and is such a staple for anyone living on their own.


  1. Kerry Black Crystal & Gold Necklace– The necklace itself is so gorgeous, and I’m actually obsessed with natural stones. I even have my own rock collection back at my apartment’s house that has a bunch of pretty stones with their names so that I don’t forget what they are. Plus this necklace gives back to the community by helping exploited girls gain back their confidence and freedom.


  1. Allergic to Morning Sweatshirt– When I come to class, I love being comfortable in a big sweatshirt or big sweater, and I think this one just explains my whole outlook on early morning classes.


  1. Wunder Under Hi-Rise Pant in Black– I’m always down to wear leggings when I go to class or when I head to the gym, so I’m always looking for a long-lasting pair of leggings and these might be the one! I’m totally sure on the sizing, but I love the fact that you can take them in to return and get the length trimmed if the pants end up being too long.


  1. Gosh Being a Princess is Exhausting Sweatshirt– Look okay, I love being comfy in sweatshirts and this one is just calling my name. I’m a total princess, and this needs to be in my closet like right NOW. No questions needed.


  1. Monogrammed Personalized Rain Jacket– Since moving to South Carolina, I’ve slowly gained this low of monogrammed items, but not too the overboard obsession just a little bit. I don’t have a raincoat at the moment, and I would love to have one to use when I’m going to class or out running errands so I can stay dry and beautiful.


  1. Morphe 35 OS Palette– This palette is an all shimmer palette, and it looks super gorgeous. I really want to get more into makeup, so having such a staple neutral palette is definitely going to allow me to practice and get better at makeup without spending an arm and a leg.


  1. Adidas NMD R1 Shoes in Pink– Let’s be real, I’m obsessed with Adidas shoes, and this pair is no exception. It’s stylish, beautiful, and everything a girl needs in her athletic shoe. (Size 6)


  1. Adidas NMD R1 Primeknit Shoes in Blue– My favorite color is blue so this shoe is literally speaking to me and telling me that it wants to be in my closet. I feel the same way man! (Size 6)


  1. Adidas Fashion Pink Oversized Pullover Hoodie– I saw one of my favorite Youtubers, Raven Elyse, wear this as an oversized hoodie dress, and it looked amazing on her so I want to give it a try. Wouldn’t this look so trendy with the Adidas NMD R1 shoes? Issa look… (Size Small)


  1. Calpak Astyll 22-inch & 30-inch Spinner Luggage Set in White Marble– I have no clue where I’m going with these super cute luggage set, but I hope to have them one day. I used to travel all the time back in high school when I was living in Germany, but hopefully, once I graduate college, I can start traveling again.


  1. Marc Fisher Annie Perforated Espadrille Platform Wedge in Cognac– I saw this shoe all over Instagram this summer, and it’s literally the perfect summer wedge because it matches everything so beautiful and really dresses up an outfit. I definitely wouldn’t mind having this beau in my closet.


  1. Suede Diamond Embossed Women’s Jutti Flats Size 6.5– Comfortable, long-lasting, and professional looking is exactly what I’m looking for in a good pair of professional flats. Being that I have to dress up for work or for special events with my school, a classy pair of flats never go out of style! Plus these are cute enough to wear every day.


  1. Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips– I’ve heard so many great reviews about this brand, and the fact that it’s black-owned definitely makes me want to support the line. Shoot to be honest, all of the colors look absolutely stunning and are show-stoppers.


  1. Roman Numeral Bar Necklace– I love the look of this simplistic looking jewelry mainly because it goes with everything and looks so effortless. By adding my birthdate to it, it just adds such a beautiful and special touch to an otherwise simple gift.


  1. Sylvester McNutt Six Book Bundle– I’ve been following this author for a minute now, and I love what his books stands for and what they are all about. I have yet to get my hands on one of the books, but I just want every single one of them. You can always continue to grow and to improve.


  1. Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial– This product is basically the mini bottle version of a chemical peel that you would get at a dermatologist, and it allows your skin to turnover cells faster to give you that youth and glowy feel to your skin. Hello, who doesn’t want a scar-free face? Because I have plenty of acne scars that I am trying to deal with.


  1. Faux Sherpa Lined Army Green Jacket– If you know me, I love jackets because a) I’m always cold and 2) they’re a wardrobe essential. This jacket is perfect for this South Carolina fall/winter season that is starting to stay for a few months. (Bought Myself in Stores-Updated November 17, 2017) 


  1. Chaco Women’s Sandals ZX3 Classic Sport– I went to a camp this summer as a camp counselor and everyone seem to have a pair of these! They are amazing if you are into camping, hiking, or anything water-related because they are perfect for outdoorsy weather. Definitely, want to give these a try so I don’t have to ruin my good tennis shoes next year! (Size 7)


  1. Chemical Peel- I’ve always wanted to try a chemical peel to help reduce the amount of scarring I have and to give my face a new layer of skin. This process does take time to heel and for your skin to flake away, but I think it’ll be totally worth it in the end.


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We are finally at the end, but I thought it would be totally appropriate to list out 22 items since I will be turning 22 in December! Woo-hoo!

Did this give you some ideas of what you want on your holiday wish list?

  • Loving the roman numeral necklace! Awesome wishlist 🙂

    • Makaela Premont

      Thanks! I’m glad that you enjoyed

  • Great list! The bar necklace is so cute

    • Makaela Premont

      Super cute, right?! Thanks for reading!

  • Amanda Alvarado

    Great list! I also go to class in a sweatshirt most of the time and I need more because I wear the same like 3 in rotation lol
    – Amanda

    • Makaela Premont

      I feel you girl! I’m the exact same way

  • SO hard to come up with gift ideas as you get older!

    • Makaela Premont

      Definitely! As a kid, I could make up an entire book of things that I wanted, but I guess your priorities change over time.