Why I Invested in Convertkit vs Mailchimp When I Was Earning $0 From My Blog

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What was your first investment that you made for your blog? Was it building your hosting, domain, or your mailing list?

I bet you remember that, but it was one of those first big steps of starting a blog. Investing in your blog when you’re not making a dime is a scary thought and process, but to make money you have to spend money as well.

After purchasing my hosting site as well as my domain, I was ready to launch my blog. I hadn’t even thought of creating an email list and who should I use to do that.  Until I started reading a much of blog posts from bloggers that were making thousands of dollars in each month talk about how important an email list is.  Most suggested going for a free service like MailChimp since it’s free until you reach your first 2,000 subscribers. But after doing my research, I kept hearing about the downfalls of MailChimp pertaining to its limitations, such as undelivered mail sequences, being charged for multiple subscribers, and getting sent to the spam folder forever.

I knew from the jump that I wanted my blog to my own personal business that I could help fellow millennials as well as make an income from blogging. So picking an email service provider that was going to be up to the task of improving my brand experience as well as have the ability to reach my subscribers effectively was a must. After doing my research on a multiple of email providers, I eventually landed on Convertkit. The company had the exact fit of what my business plan was going to look like.

In this post, I am going to outline the reasons of why I picked Convertkit over MailChimp.

Why I Invested in Convertkit vs MailChimp When I was Earning $0 From My New Blog

Convertkit allows you to create multiple forms

Each of your subscribers sign up with their email through different types of forms, such as landing pages or opt-in forms at the end of a blog post. You can then link each form to an incentive such as ebook, pdf file, or a printable worksheet.

With Convertkit, you have the option of creating unlimited lead magnets or incentives for your viewers to sign up for by sampling “adding a new form”.

Here are a few types of forms that can be seen on my blog

The quick guide to starting a blog in less than 15 minutes

Sign up for the Free Guide that breaks it down even simpler

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Get the Free Printable

The ultimate list of discounts for college students

Sign up with your email to get a free printable checklist of all of the discounts college students can get!

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Here are how the forms appear in the system. As you can see, I have multiple forms for each content upgrade.

Forms on Converkit

The downside of MailChimp is that you can only create one opt-in form per list. Your options are heavily decreased when it comes to gaining subscribers.

Ability to Tag Your Subscribers

The great part about Convertkit is the ability to tag your subscribers based on their interests, including they have multiple interests. For an example if a subscribers signs up through my “Pharmacy School Interview Worksheet” form, then I tag them as being interested in pharmacy. But if they are also interested in a printable guide of discounts for college students, then I can tag them accordingly.

The biggest difference between MailChimp and Convertkit is that MailChimp charges you if a subscriber has multiple interests while Convertkit doesn’t.

Send personalized emails based on your subscriber’s interests

With ConvertKit, you can send emails that your subscribers are interested in based off how you tagged them. If a subscriber is interested in blogging, then I might send them an invite to start a 5-day free e-course on how to gain email subscribers or earn more Pageviews. The click through, or open rate, will be higher since it’s something that the subscriber is interested in versus sending them a course about makeup.

Change up the content

If a subscriber already opt-in for your freebie or signed up for your email list, then you can change the option of what they see next time they come to your website. This way you don’t waste such important real estate and use it for something else, such as pitching a product or a different opt in form.

Custom Content on Convertkit

Change up opt-in type: single or double

Convertkit gives you the option to auto-confirm new subscribers or make them check their email to confirm the subscription. There’s a lot of debate on whether it’s better to auto-confirm them or to make them do it themselves. I like the double opt-in option because it makes sure that people are really interested in my blog get subscribed to my blog.

The downfall of MailChimp is that you only get the option of the double opt-in. You get to decide with Convertkit.

Create a sequence

A sequence is a string of emails that you can send out automatically at different time intervals. If a subscriber signs up through an opti-in, you can have it set up to send out a sequence, such as a welcome sequence. You can even create a free email course that can be attached to a form as a sequence. It’s really simple to do through Convertkit.

Sequence on Convertkit

Broadcast Emails             

This is an option to send an email to your entire email list with no regard to tags.

Increase your open rates by resending emails

Convertkit keeps a list of people who haven’t opened your initial email and gives you the option to resend the email. You can also change the title or heading so that it doesn’t seem like it’s the same email, even though it is.

Create a landing page hosted on your website

Create a landing page on Convertkit is super simple to do, and they have 4 templates to choose from. You have full range of customizing how your landing page looks, through text, color, and imaging. I’ve only created the slide in landing form, and that seems to be the most popular option. If you know CSS or coding then you have the ability to further customize the landing page. I only know a little bit, but the options are endless here.

Landing Page on Convertkit

With Convertkit, you don’t have to pay extra to create a landing page. MailChimp doesn’t have the option to create a landing page so you have to use another service, such as Lead Pages. But who wants to spend more money when you can get it all inclusive with Convertkit?

3 Option Choices for the Form Style

You can easily make a form with Converkit in three different styles. I typically use the middle style because it includes a picture, but recently I’ve been incorporating the first option for diversity of opt-ins.

Form Styles on Convertkit

Ease of Adding Your Forms to WordPress

Converkit has their own plugin, which makes it super simple to add your forms to any pages or posts that you want to. You just have to download the plug in, add your API key into the settings page, and you’re ready to go! The plug in options makes it so simple because you don’t have to worry about any coding.


The pricing depends on solely how many subscribers you have on your email list. But the best part is that no matter what pricing tier that you are in, you get full access to Convertkit, including triggers, automations, landing pages, and forms. And don’t forget there’s no limit on anything!

For the first 1,000 subscribers, the cost is $29 a month. Honestly that’s a huge milestone for any blogger, but if you are super fabulous and exceed that amount of followers, Convertkit’s still got you. For 1,000 to 3,000 subscribers, it’s $49 a month. Then for 3,000 to 5,000 subscriber, the price is $79 a month. If you have a bigger list then that, then Convertkit has an option to calculate a custom price for you based on the amount.

Service- Need Help?

The Convertkit team is super helpful in answering any questions that you may have. They have an online message system that I’ve utilized quite a bit as well as tutorials and a blog to help you along the process. I’ve always gotten the help that I needed in less than 30 minutes, which is outstanding!


Back in the day, it used to be that only the big time bloggers who made thousands of dollars through their blog could afford a great email service provider. But Convertkit gives a great service to everyone, including new bloggers like myself. With the pricing options, you really can’t beat it! Nobody should be limited to the needs of an email service provider, especially at the beginning. While I get that $29 a month is not a ton of month, but it is a hefty investment to make for a new blog. One that I think will be well worth it to start off on the right foot and to not have to deal with moving your contacts to a different provider later.

If you have any emails regarding Convertkit, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email! I will definitely try to answer all of your questions about the program.

Creating your first email sequence or setting up your first form is really easy, and there’s a very small learning curve required. So basically, you’ll be ready to roll in less than an hour of learning the system. I’m telling you it was that fast for me!

Are you ready to give Convertkit a try? If you are, go ahead and click the link here. Convertkit offers a 30 day money-back guarantee. So basically you have nothing to lose! Head over to make your account, sign up for your first month, and test it out for the month. If you don’t like it, then go write to Convertkit to cancel your subscription and get your money back.

  • I’ve been toying with the idea of a mailing list but haven’t taken the action yet….. this post has a ton of great information!! Thanks for sharing!

    • Makaela

      You totally need a mailing list girl! It’s like the heart of a blog where you can really connect with your readers. Thank you for reading!

  • I’ve still barely keeping my head above the water when it comes to understanding how to create different email lists. I’m using MailerLite for right now and have heard great things about ConvertKit.

    • Makaela

      Yes me too! I’m slowly learning more about it and what my subscribers enjoy in their mailboxes. If you are ready to switch, you totally should! It’s a gamechanger!

    • Makaela

      It’s time to switch girl! It’s a lot to understand but totally worthwhile

  • I really want to try Convertkit but I’m still not consistent with the list that I have. I really need to send out emails more regularly.

    • Makaela

      You don’t have to be that consistent to make Convertkit worth it. I’m not consistent on sending emails but the features that they offer are outstanding!

  • A friend of mine works for Convertkit and I’ve been meaning to look into it! It sounds like a great service!

    Greta | http://www.gretahollar.com

    • Makaela

      That’s so cool! You totally need to check it out

  • This is a really great post. I tend to naturally gravitate to platforms that are free and work really hard to make sure that I try to get as much out of it as I can. However, there are some things that you cannot compromise. You provided some really valid points about why ConvertKit was best for you.

    • Makaela

      Thank you so much! I can totally understand where you are coming from. I probably would’ve done that also except for how important a quality email list is for a blog. Best of luck!

  • Emails have honestly been something I’ve been putting off :/ I need to gain more confidence in this for sure!

  • I’m currently using MailerLite but I’ve heard so many things about Convertkit, I might have to check it out! Thanks for the super informative blog post!!

    • Makaela

      I’m glad that you found it useful! You should definitely check it out 😊