Why I Invested in Convertkit vs Mailchimp When I Was Earning $0 From My Blog

Why I Invested in Convertkit vs MailChimp When I was Earning $0 From My New Blog

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What was your first investment that you made for your blog? Was it building your hosting, domain, or your mailing list?

I bet you remember that, but it was one of those first big steps of starting a blog. Investing in your blog when you’re not making a dime is a scary thought and process, but to make money you have to spend money as well.

After purchasing my hosting site as well as my domain, I was ready to launch my blog. I hadn’t even thought of creating an email list and who should I use to do that.  Until I started reading a much of blog posts from bloggers that were making thousands of dollars in each month talk about how important an email list is.  Most suggested going for a free service like MailChimp since it’s free until you reach your first 2,000 subscribers. But after doing my research, I kept hearing about the downfalls of MailChimp pertaining to its limitations, such as undelivered mail sequences, being charged for multiple subscribers, and getting sent to the spam folder forever. Read more