Dating a Collegiate Athlete 101

Dating a Collegiate Athlete 101

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If I told you coming into college that I would be dating a collegiate athlete, I would tell you that you were lying. But you’re not and I am currently dating one who has taken my heart by storm. Dating a collegiate athlete isn’t the same as dating a regular guy because athletes are held at a higher standard for performance, grades, and image. Collegiate athletes have typically played their respective sports for years and are looking to, maybe, one day go pro and enter into the professional leagues. It’s a lot of pressure and courage to strive for a dream so great, but that’s the goal for a collegiate athlete. As the girlfriend or boyfriend of an athlete, you have to realize that and become their biggest supporter no matter what! It’s not easy dating an athlete, but it’s totally worth wild in the end. Read more

Storytime: Why I Shaved My Head for Cancer

Story: Why I Shaved My Hair for Cancer

Back in 2014, I was going through the struggles of high school and the daunting future that is college. My high school required all seniors to do a senior project so I dedicated my project to Locks of Love and cancer. I decided that if I could get over 25 people in high school to donate their hair at the hair drive I put together, I would shave my own hair for cancer. Well, I reached my goal and ended up with a bald head. The feeling was so liberating!

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