50 Blog Post Ideas for College Bloggers

The best part about being a college blogger is that your topic is so broad but also very niche that you can talk about almost anything. Maybe you have experience with something specifically or you can talk about what you think your audience is looking for. College is that stage between high school and adulthood, or aka your 20s, where you are still in the process of learning about yourself and building the foundation of your future career.  Through your blog, you can help other college students or millennials go through that process effectively.

If you are a current college blogger or a future blogger looking for ideas or inspiration for blog posts, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve created this list to hopefully strike your imagination and get your fingers typing on your next blog post!

Get some ideas for future blog posts for college & lifestyle bloggers.

Here are 50 ideas for blog posts for college bloggers:

  • How to study for a hard exam
  • Your makeup essentials for college
  • Your backpack essentials for college
  • How you make money while in college
  • How you use your planner to stay organized
  • Ways to get involved on campus
  • Why you picked the college you did
  • Tips you would give your freshmen, sophomore, junior, or senior self
  • Graduation lookbook
  • Graduation gifts for men & woman
  • Christmas wish list for men & woman in college
  • Subscription boxes for college students
  • How to not get the freshmen 15
  • Game day outfit inspirations
  • How to study effectively
  • Discounts for college students
  • Perks of being a student
  • Most embarrassing moment on campus
  • How to meet friends in college
  • Mental health in college
  • Reverse bucket list (all of
  • Bucket list
  • A letter to your younger self, family member, loved one, etc
  • How to survive morning class or evening classes
  • Tips to be successful in college
  • Dorm room studies
  • Essentials for a dorm room
  • Things you didn’t need in your college dorm room
  • How to deal with differences in a dorm room
  • How to maintain your goals
  • Self-care in college
  • What to look out for during a college tour
  • Should you bring a car to college?
  • The pros/cons of living on or living off campus
  • How to save money grocery shopping
  • Should you get a meal plan or not?
  • A round up post for a freshmen survival guide
  • A letter to your future self
  • Fall essentials
  • How to survive finals week
  • What to do during spring break
  • Apps that every college student needs to have
  • How to build credit as a student
  • How to manage your money as a broke college student
  • How to lessen your stress  
  • Everything you need to know about sorority recruitment
  • What’s on your birthday wish list
  • Types of shoes you need in college
  • How to email your professor appropriately
  • College football tailgating essentials
  • Random facts about yourself
  • How to maintain a long-distance relationship
  • How to maintain a relationship while in college
  • A list of birthday freebies that you can get every year   
  • What you need to know before you sign your first apartment lease

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I hope that this blog post helps you get through a writer’s blog or help you gain motivation on the type of topics you can discuss as a college blogger. But don’t forget that even if you are a college blogger that doesn’t mean you only have to talk about college. You can always branch out to cover other topics, like I do, or change the topic as you grow as a person. You won’t be able to blog about college forever so keep that in mind too.

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  • This is a really good list! The college blogger community is growing and I haven’t seen a list like this out there anywhere else. I’ll have to take some notes and use a few of these!

    • Makaela

      Thank you! I’m glad that this post was helpful! I was thinking the same thing with a growing community, but no dedicated idea post for us!

  • Well thought out … I wish I was in college to write about these 🙂

    • Makaela Premont

      You can definitely tailor them to what you typically write about, maybe you work in an office or something. I will be doing another blog post that is more related to lifestyle, beauty, and some other niches in the future, so stay tune!

  • Great ideas! I’ll definitely consider writing about some of these(:

    • Makaela

      Thank you! I’m glad that this post was helpful for you. (: