September 2017 Traffic & Income Report

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Welcome back beautiful people! In today’s post, we are going to discuss my income and traffic report for the month of September. This is the fourth month that my blog has been alive, and I’ve learned so much in only those short months. Of course, I still have a lot to learn, but I created these reports so that I could watch my growth over time. Most bloggers only start documenting their income once they become famous and their traffic explodes, but I want to start from the very beginning. My overall dream is to make a livable income off my blog’s earning, but we shall see if this happens for me…

If you’re not a fellow blogger, then these might come off as quite strange. But let me explain why I want to start doing these reports for you all.      

  1. Growth Tracking- These reports will allow me to see my growth in traffic and income over time. Most other bloggers only start posting these reports once they start making money, but everyone has to start from the bottom before they reach the top.  I hope that these reports help inspire other bloggers that you can eventually make money through blogging
  2. Transparency- There are a ton of ways to make money through blogging, some that are honest and some that aren’t. I want to be totally honest in how I make money, where I get the money from, and that this blog is legit. No funny business here, I promise!

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What I Did This Month

This month, I was able to publish 8 blog posts for the month of September, which is pretty crazy to think because I am in full swing in college. This month I mainly focused on writing a few guest blog posts, which you can read here and here. I had a really great time writing those blog posts and being able to network with other millennial bloggers.

My social media game has definitely fallen down since school started back, but I hope to find a groove that works for me when it comes to posting and staying active on my channels.

September Social Media Report

Thankfully most of my social media accounts have grown without too much work on my behalf. On the downside, my Instagram followers have fallen due to me not being able to post and engage as I used too. Let me know what you want to see on Instagram as well on some of my other platforms!

Instagram: 1075 –> 1047     Goal for Next Month: 1100

Facebook: 254 –> 270         Goal for Next Month: 300

Pinterest: 361 –> 425          Goal for Next Month: 500

Twitter: 265 –> 283             Goal for Next Month: 300


September Traffic & Income Report

September was a month of slow growth, but growth is growth no matter what. I am still surprised when I get over 100 or 200 pageviews in a one day, but hopefully next month I will be able to reach 4,000 to 5,000 pageviews. I also made the switch from to Google Adsense and my income has skyrocketed tremendously! With, I was barely make a few pennies each day. But with Google Adsense, I could make $15 to $30 in one day, which is crazy to me being that I am new blogger!

I am also working on expanding my E-Book about how to get into pharmacy school into a live, engaging course through Teachable. It’s going to include a lot of freebies include the E-Book has a take away, an exclusive Facebook group, a 1 on 1 resume review with me, and a lot more goodies! Be on the lookout for the launch of that new course!


Here is the screenshot of my traffic for this month straight from Google Analytics:

September 2017 Traffic & Income Report


  • Google Adsense: $145
  • Ebates: $5
  • Free Products: $60 in value

Total: $150 + $60 in free products


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  • Thank you for sharing this! It’s helping me figure out my own. 🙂

    • Makaela

      Your welcome! I’m glad that my journey is able to help you find your own path. Cheers!

  • Awesome income report for being new ! Congratulations on the victories. I am so excited to start this chapter because I am now able to monetize my blog !

    • Makaela

      Me too! I’m excited for you as well. Thank you for your sweet comment. You definitely have to celebrate the victories when it comes to blogging.

  • I still a newbie in blogging and Adsense. I like to make money with Adsense just like you. Nice to meet you Makaela

  • Hey Mickie,
    I love the way you wrote out the goals for social media. I’m going to start writing it out like you. Great job on your growth in social media and traffic! Your success is inspiring!

    • Makaela

      Thank you! Yeah, writing down my goals helps me so much with staying on track and being able to celebrate the victories. I’m glad that my journey is able to help you and inspires you. Cheers!

  • WOW, this definitely makes me realise I should be using Google Adsense! Really interesting post. Thanks for sharing!

    • Makaela

      Right! I’m so glad that I made the switch!

  • How did you get in the groove of making goals for your blog? I do not know where to start?

    P.S. Good job on making the switch to Google Adsense. How do you make money through that?

    • Makaela

      I just see my overall growth percent for each month and make my goals manageable for the upcoming month. Sometimes I don’t make my goals, but I like to try to have a plan set in place so that I can. I typically will post my blogs posts into Facebook forums and people will click through the ads if they see something that they like. Having good ads for your audience is the key for Google Adsense!

  • You really motivate me to work harder on my blog. Thankyou for that.
    I havent been approved for adsense but I got approved for infolinks and I am super excited about it.

    • Makaela

      Awesome! I’m so glad that this post helped you out and gave you some motivation so that you can do the same!