July 2017 Income & Traffic Report

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Welcome my fellow bloggers or curious cats, this is my second income report for my little slice of the internet. I started this blog in the hopes to help fellow millennials, embrace my love of writing, and to make a livable income from my blog. Not to sound corny, but I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for over a year now. The thing that was stopping me from pursing my dream was me. I started doing these monthly reports to help my viewers and I see the growth and progression of my blog over time. One day, I hope I can make a 6-figure income from writing about the topics that I love. So without further ado, let’s get this show on the road….

 If you’re not a fellow blogger, then these might come off as quite strange. But let me explain why I want to start doing these reports for you all.      

  1. Growth Tracking- These reports will allow me to see my growth in traffic and income over time. Most other bloggers only start posting these reports once they start making money, but everyone has to start from the bottom before they reach the top.  I hope that these reports help inspire other bloggers that you can eventually make money through blogging
  2. Transparency- There are a ton of ways to make money through blogging, some that are honest and some that aren’t. I want to be totally honest in how I make money, where I get the money from, and that this blog is legit. No funny business here, I promise!

July 2017 Traffic & Income Report

What I Did This Month

Concerning blog posts, I wrote 8 in total for the month of July. While I focused on making great content, I have also been working on my social media platforms, creating my first e-book, and setting up sponsored content.

I’ve mainly been focusing on Instagram (follow me here!) and Twitter (follow me here!) because it’s fun to come up with quick messages and take stunning photos. At the end of the month, I learned the value of promotion and having people or pages shout you out on their platforms. It really helps to gain followers and to get more eyes on your content. Alas, hashtags and retweets are what really work for Twitter, but I am still learning about those approaches to that platform.

This month, I also created my first e-book titled the 10 Step Guide to Getting Into Pharmacy School, which like the title suggests is a how-to guide for any college students or pharmacy technicians looking to get into pharmacy school. I teach you step-by-step of how I did it, even if you are a minority. It’s roughly 30 pages, and I have to say that I am extremely proud of my book. If you would like to support the e-book or take a look at it, then click here.

Next month, I hope to still focus on Instagram and my original content, but start to introduce sponsored posts and those kinds of opportunities.

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July Social Media Report

This month, I tried to focus most of my attention to Instagram and Pinterest to increase my engagement and the visibility of my posts. It really has helped me by being more active and engaging with fellow bloggers and my viewers. I’m still working on the whole Instagram theme idea, but when I get the hang of it, then I’ll make a full in-depth blog post on how to create an Instagram theme.

Instagram: 727 –> 946         Goal for Last Month: 750  Pass!                      Goal for Next Month: 1,500

Facebook: 191 –> 198         Goal for Last Month: 300  Fail!                       Goal for Next Month: 200

Pinterest: 226 –> 274          Goal for Last Month: 300  Fail!                        Goal for Next Month: 300

Twitter: 95 –> 119              Goal for Last Month: 150  Fail!                        Goal for Next Month: 125

July Income & Traffic Report

This is my second full month that my blog has been live, and I can definitely say I have almost tripled the amount of pageviews for the month of July. I even doubled the amount of  unique visitors that I had as well from 956 to 3989. Another great part of July is that I did end up having a small income! Whoop, whoop for small changes because everyone has to start somewhere.


  • My First E-Book: $10.59  (purchase it here)
  • Media.net: $2.44 (but I can’t get paid until I reach the $100 minimum payout requirement)
  • Style Collective: $0.55 (but I can’t get paid until I reach the $100 minimum payout requirement)

Total Income: $13.58


Here is the traffic screenshot for the month of July!

 July 2017 traffic report

July’s Most Popular Posts:

  • The Ultimate List of Discounts for College Students       Pageviews: 1,008
  • How to Have A Successful First Move-in Day: A Survivor’s Guide     Pageviews: 583
  • The Hidden Secrets of Selling on Poshmark     Pageviews: 494
  • 15 Savvy Ways to Save Money in College Without Cutting the College Experience   Pageviews: 470

Based off of my pageviews and popular posts for the month of July, I definitely saw an increase in activity on topics related to money and side hustles. Since I love saving money and learning how to make an income from various sources, I definitely will continue incorporating these topics into my blog.

Want to Start Your Own Blog?

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  • Awesome tips for bloggers in every niche. I love how you break things down so easily!

    • Makaela

      Thank you! I’m glad that you enjoyed the post!

  • Dang, girl!!! This is so impressive for your second month, good for you! Seriously wishing I had that good of luck so soon… only getting a fraction of this after a year! I don’t focus on the numbers, but it’s awesome to see you’ve done so well so quickly!

    • Makaela

      Thank you so much! I’m just glad that people are responding to my content

  • Congratulations! I am STILL trying to start generating money though my blog. I am currently ar $3.00 on google adsense lol. Your tips are greatly appreciated! I am definitely going to try and up my game!

    • Makaela

      Thank you! It’s definitely a work in progress, girl! It’s all about learning what works for you and your audience. I’m glad that these posts help someone out there!

  • Girl you are rocking for only month 2. It has taken me almost a year to get to 7k a month. Thank you for sharing your breakdown. Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Makaela

      Thank you so much! I’m hoping to get to 50,000 by December but we’ll see if we can teach that goal or not. I’m so glad that you enjoyed this post 😊

  • Afroz

    That a very informative post, will definitely help many blogger like me. Thank you for sharing.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Makaela

      Thank you so much! I’m glad you found this post helpful!

  • Your traffic & income report is the first one I’ve read that has actually been simple but enlightening at the same time. Well done! Especially since some of the big shot blogging gurus out there can’t seem to manage it.

    If I could just get a handle on making G+ work for me, I’d feel accomplished. Seriously, I don’t really know how to find people but I’ve joined communities? LOL – now that needs its own How To manual!

    I also like your social media goals – especially how you re-evaluate them if you don’t hit your goal for a specific platform. The “gurus” don’t seem to talk about that too much – probably has to do with their “big leagues” perspective. When you do hit the big leagues, don’t forget how it really was as a new blogger, because it’s the newbies who’ll be looking for the answers the most! 🙂

    • Makaela

      Thank you! I did notice that the bigger bloggers Income reports weren’t as helpful as I would’ve liked so I hope to make mine simple, even when I grow bigger. I also need to work on G+ because I haven’t put any attention into that platform haha. I definitely won’t forget and thank you so much for reading! I’m glad that it was enjoyable for you 😊

  • I love your positive attitude. Awesome increase in Instagram 🙂

    • Makaela

      Thank you! I’m almost to my first 1,000 followers on Instagram so hopefully I can reach that goal soon.

  • Nicole V

    Thanks for sharing! You’re doing good! Even though you didn’t meet all of your goals, you’re still making progress. Best wishes for your blog!

    • Makaela

      Thank you so much for your kind words! All you can do is keep pushing forward, even when you don’t reach every single one of your goals.

  • You’ve done a great job growing your instagram account. It’s great that you’re so transparent with your work.

    • Makaela

      Thank you so much! Transparency is the best way to do business is what I’ve learned (:

  • Very insightful blog post. And you’re right, most bloggers do not share this info until they’ve reached a certain “success” level. We all had to start somewhere, so these kinds of posts are very encouraging especially newbie bloggers!


    • Makaela

      Thank you so much! I definitely want this blog to be encouraging and hopeful for newbies or senior bloggers. Everyone had to start somewhere and I want to share my journey, good or bad. Thanks for reading!

  • I love your social media goals. I need to figure out a plan of action for my accounts as well. Thank you for sharing this with us!

    • Makaela

      Thank you! I love having goals so I always know what I’ve working towards in the future, especially when I don’t feel like it. Thank you for reading!

  • Nicole Flint

    this was a very insightful post! I learned a lot. I need to do better with scheduling and having goals.

    • Makaela

      Thank you! I’m glad that this was helpful and insightful 😊

  • Wow, not many people actually dare to be open about their statistics! Is it tiring to be constantly collating the data? If it’s me, I will prolly do a bi-annual post!

    • Makaela

      No it’s not! It’s a good idea to collect data so you know what works and what doesn’t work for your blog and individual audience. I want to see what my viewers like! But you need to do whatever works best for you 😊

  • I loved this! definitely found another blog that I love! Cant wait for more!

    • Makaela

      Thank you so much and I’m glad that you enjoying reading my blog! Thanks for reading! 😊