Fashion Friday’s: Tribal Print Romper

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Hello back lovelies to another installment of Fashion Friday! I hope you guys are having a fabulous day today and have even better plans for the weekend. I’m actually going on a small weekend vacation with my family, hopefully on a beach somewhere soaking in all of the glorious sun rays and possibly shopping on a strip. My two favorite activities to do on vacation! But alas, I love this romper so much that I’ll wear it in any season, including spring and fall. The sleeves are really lightweight and the shorts keep you cool as well. I usually have a hard time finding rompers that flatter my pear shape, but when I saw this number in the racks at Marshalls. I just knew that I had to give it a chance.  

Romper: Marshalls (similar);Sandals: Target; Earrings: A gift from South Africa; Fringe purse: Express (similar); Sunglasses: Steve Madden

Fashion Friday Tribal Romper

Fashion Friday Tribal Romper


Fashion Friday Tribal Romper


Fashion Friday Tribal Romper


Fashion Friday Tribal Romper


Fashion Friday Tribal Romper


Fashion Friday Tribal Romper


Fashion Friday Tribal Romper


Hopefully, you enjoyed this look and this gives you some inspiration on how to rock a romper in any season! If you love this look as much as I do and want to recreate it, check out the widget below or the links in the description! As always, share this post and leave a comment answering the question below.

Do you have a hard time finding rompers that flatter your shape? What do you look for in a romper?


36 thoughts on “Fashion Friday’s: Tribal Print Romper

  1. Due to my thunder thighs, I can never find a romper that is flattering to my figure, but you look amazing, and I am loving that fringe handbag !

    1. Yes, I have that same issue, girl! I totally feel you on the thunder thighs. Thank you so much! I actually bought the fringe purse on Poshmark so definitely check out the app

  2. I definitely have a hard time too, but the shape of this one is so flattering on you! I love the top of it, and the pattern! I also love sleeves on rompers, so cute!

  3. That romper is adorable! I struggle to find a romper that is long enough, and is big enough to cover my chest without pulling, but not so big that it makes me look like a sack. This one fits you the way I want rompers to fit me!

    1. Yes girl! I totally understand the struggle of finding the perfect Romper. thank you so much for your kind words!

  4. I love this romper! I definitely enjoy wearing them because they’re so easy, and look like you put in a ton more effort than you actually did, haha!


  5. oh, you’re totally rocking that romper! I hate rompers because of how inconvenient they are but they look amazing on others haha

  6. I do have a hard time. I have 3 that fit pretty well, but they are often too big on me in the upper region I need a medium for my bottom area & I just don’t fill in the same in the top!

    1. Yes, they are one of the hardest pieces to get right, but when you find the perfect one, you have to snatch it up!

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