The Hidden Secrets of Dogsitting on the Rover App

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Since my other post on “The Hidden Secrets of Selling on Poshmark” did so well with you all, I thought I’d show you the other secrets I have up my sleeve to make a little extra cash on the side. Dogsitting and dog walking is one of the oldest ways in the book to easily make money without having a real job. It’s easy and really fun to do, if you enjoy working around animals. On the Rover app, you mainly sit or walk cats and dogs, but there is an option to watch other animals such as reptiles, hamsters, ferrets, and other creatures. The best part of the Rover app is that it’s completely safe and the company always makes sure that everyone is satisfactory of the service that they receive.

I personally love dogs, but unfortunately my apartment doesn’t allow animals nor do I have the free time to spend quality time with a future pet to get one. But alas the Rover app lets me get someone else’s pet some love while they are away and I get to learn how to take care of different breed of animals. Each pet is like its own personality and special little traits/habits that they have. It’s a great way to meet new people, make some extra money, and get your doggie fix in.

The Hidden Secrets of Dogsitting on Rover


Disclaimer: I do have a coupon code MAKAELA20 that gets you $20 off your first service on the app that you can gladly use if you’ve never signed up for the app before. I do receive a kick back if you sign up with my code that in no way affects the services that you receive from Rover.

Fill out your profile completely

Dog owners love to hear your personal doggie and cat stories that you have, either from your own personal animals or other people’s animals. They also enjoy learning about you as a person, but also as a dogsitter. The Rover app will ask you certain questions that will allow you to be matched with certain demographics such as how big of an animal you feel comfortable with taking care of, any specific breeds, age groups, or level of training.

Set your rates that are competitive for your area

You don’t want to be too high nor too low that you scare pet owners away. They want somebody that they can trust that also seems trustworthy. Placing your rates too high without a lot of reviews or recommendations isn’t going to help you get chosen for the job. But on the other hand, you don’t want to be too low that it’s not worth your time or experience. Gauge other people’s profiles that look similar to yours and go from there.

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Update your availability often

I usually update my availability calendar once a month when I receive my part time job hours. Then I typically fill in the blanks of my schedule to fit in different opportunities to dog sit or dog walk on the Rover app. The best practice is as soon as you know that you are available to work or not available to work, you should go ahead and update your calendar on the app. That way you won’t ever get asked to do a date or time that you aren’t available to work. More yes’s, less no’s!

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Complete the basic background check

When you sign up for the Rover app, you will get asked and are require to complete the basic background check. It costs $10, but you’ll quickly earn that money back once your page is up and running on the app. The app really makes sure that the pet owners and the sitters are safe at all times during the process.

Complete the Rover 101 training

Each time you complete a training or check, you’ll get a small badge next to your name in the search engine. The more the merrier, because it increases your visibility as well as your creditability as a pet sitter. The Rover 101 training is a short mini class that help familiarize yourself on the best practices while taking care of someone’s pet. The training includes what to do when another animal approaches the pet, how to keep the pet safe in the yard or in the house, and many other topics that are important to know.

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Have people you’ve worked with before review you

After completing your profile, I highly recommend that you allow some of your past customers submit a review for you. The Rover app suggests about 4-5 reviews at the beginning, and I would say that is a great number to start out with. People are curious creatures and want to be able to see what other people’s experiences were like with you. Did you send plenty of pictures of the owner’s pet while they were away? Are you flexible on the times of pick up & drop offs? Are you easy to communicate with? Owners want to know all of that information from the jump so having reviews will increases your sales.

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Network, network

Take every opportunity to network while you’re out walking a dog or taking a dog to the dog park to meet other pet owners and to get your name out there. I receive a few business opportunities simply by talking to other owners at the dog park and listening to what they were looking for. Most people talked about how they are looking for someone to stop in on their pets during the work week or a pet sitter for a weekend vacation. You just have to listen and don’t mind mentioning your side hustle to them.

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Take photos & keep the owner updated at all times

During each service, make sure to take plenty of pictures as well as keep track of each time the animal poops, pees, and drinks water. You want to keep the owner updated as well as lower their nerves of leaving their furry friend with a stranger. Every time you send a picture to the owner, you also have the chance to display those photos on your Rover page. This is a great way for people to see what you like to do as well as the quality of your service.

The Hidden Secrets of Dogsitting on Rover

Offer to meet the owners & pets before the actual service date

Meeting up with the owner and animals are a great way to connect with the pets and the owner. You’ll be able to see firsthand what you are getting yourself into by accepting the service. It’s also a great way to ask the owner any specific questions that you might have that are better asked in person, than through text. Always make sure to meet in a public place or take a ride-along with you to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable during the entire meeting.

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Get consistent 5-Star reviews and repeat customers

Of course, the goal of working as your own boss is to give stellar service that keeps the customers coming back for more. The Rover website will actually show future customers your star ratings, your reviews, and how many repeat customers that you have. So you’ll want to earn those 5-stars and earn the trust of your customers to grow your side hustle.

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A side hustle doesn’t have to be a part-time job or mowing lawns in your neighbor. It can be as simple as watching or walking other people’s animals in your spare time between college classes. I really love working with Rover because of how simple and easy it is to use. Plus I’ve made some really great friends through the app that I would’ve never made, if I didn’t start dogsitting through Rover. If you start using Rover as an animal owner or as a sitter, then go ahead and sign up using my code, MAKAELA20, to get $20 off your first service on the app. (This only applies if you’ve never signed up with Rover before.)

Are you ready to start a side hustle that could make you some extra cash? If you answered “yes”, then download the app and get started today with Rover!

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  • I have a friend in grad school that’s able to make a little spending money by using this app! We have two dogs and I am definitely going to look into it for days when we are very busy.

    • Makaela

      Yes, Its an easy way to make money, and its a lot of fun! You totally should! The animals seem to really enjoy being let out in the middle of the day and hanging out with new people

  • I only heard about Rover a few weeks ago and frankly, it’s a brilliant concept. I think the tips you’ve shared are incredibly helpful and seem like they would set someone apart when clients are scrolling on the app.

    • Makaela

      These are true tips that helped me get notice on Rover and start my side hustle. It’s a really great idea and the animals seem to really enjoy meeting new people.

  • This is so cool! I love dogs but I don’t have one of my own. I don’t live in a city so I’m not sure how popular the app would be around me, but I’m definitely going to check it out.

    • Makaela

      They have been expanding recently so they might be in your area now! Definitely check it out and see!

  • This sounds like a great app! I’ve never heard of rover before but It seems like a great way to find pet care!

    • Makaela

      It definitely is!

  • I just sent this article to my MIL because she would love to do this!! She loves dogs and is crazy about getting a lot of walking in every day xx

    • Makaela

      Thank you so much for sharing this article! If she loves animals and walking, then this app is literally made for her! It definitely helped me get a lot of steps in for the day when I was more active on the app.

  • This is super interesting! I’m not a dog sitter, but this has got to be SO helpful for those who are or are wanting to be!

    • Makaela

      I truly hope it’s helpful to someone who is maybe thinking of dogsitting on Rover.

  • Such a thorough post! Thanks for sharing yet another great side hustle!

    • Makaela

      Thank you! I love finding and trying out new side hustles and this one was one of my favorites.

  • I’ve been wanting to try Rover for a while, but I’m so nervous to leave my pup with someone I don’t know as well as trusting them to be in my house when I’m not there. Any tips for the skepticism?

    • Makaela

      Honestly, it’s all about the vibe when you meet them for the first time. I always recommend meeting the sitter beforehand either in your house or at a dog park and then see how your pup reacts with them. Its definitely though about trust, and if you don’t feel comfortable with people staying in your house, you can have them sit at their house instead. So you do have options on the location of the sitting. I’ve had such a great experience every time I’ve dogsitted for someone!

  • I’ve heard really good things about this app! Too bad I don’t have a dog to test it out with lol.

    • Makaela

      You can always dogsit or dogwalk for someone else!

  • They’ve raised SO much money recently! It’s insane how well Rover is doing! Ive thought about joining it as a dog walker in the cooler months since I love walking anyway haha

    • Makaela

      Yes, it is crazy, but the hype is totally worth it! I loved working with them. You totally should join as a dog walker and check it out. You’ll definitely get your steps in for sure.

  • Such an interesting post. Did not know all you shared. I love dogs and have one of my own.

    • Makaela

      Thank you! I’m glad that you found it useful and interesting. You should totally check it out

  • I hadn’t heard of this service before! But as a fur mom, these are all great tips!

    • Makaela

      Thank you! I’m glad that you think so. 😊

  • I do not have any pets but I will share this app with my family and friends that do. It seems like they could really use this to find someone to help when they need it.


    • Makaela

      thank you so much for sharing!