The Hidden Secrets of Selling on Poshmark

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Have you ever wanted to sell your lightly used clothes, but didn’t want to deal with the hassle of a yard sale or uploading to Ebay? Well, I have the solution for you, which is the app called Poshmark. It’s a phone app that allows you to sell clothes, accessories, shoes, and other items that you don’t use anymore. All you have to do is click a photo, upload to the app, and let the sales roll in. Or so you thought. I thought the same way the first time I posted to the app.

I first signed up to Poshmark in October of 2014, but for the first year or so, I had let my items sit on the site. I didn’t share them, the photos were kind of crappy, and I wasn’t online or active for weeks on end. After that year in 2015, I did another closet clean out and realized I had to start learning the secrets of selling on Poshmark, if I wanted to make a little extra money. So I did. I dabbled in different techniques until I found what worked for me. I can at least say that I was able to make Poshmark a fun hobby for a few years that brought in some moola. I’ve made about $1,500 to date.

If you’re just starting out on Poshmark, then keep on reading to learn my tips and tricks to increase sales and increase visibility of all of your items!

Hidden Secrets of Selling on Poshmark

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1.) Take Good Photos

To have the best chance of selling a clothing piece, its best if you model the item as an outfit or use a mannequin to show what the item looks like on the body. If you don’t do this, you’ll constantly be asked to model in the comments because most people want to see what the item looks like on, instead of it laid down on the ground.

 Poshmark updated some of their rules including the limit of how many photos you can upload to a single post. You can now upload more than 4 photos, but either way, you want to put the best photo as the cover photo. It’s going to be the first photo someone sees when they are scrolling through the app.

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2.) Posh Parties

Get involved in the posh parties that are hosted two to three times a day. Posh parties are exactly what it sounds like- a party that people share their items to a page. These are great way to get exposure for your items so you’ll want to participate as often as you can. The parties do have themes or rules to follow by such “Best of Pants Party” or have only certain brands party.

3.) Sell High Quality or Well-known brands

While I have sold not well-known brands or brands from my time living overseas, those items usually took longer to sell compared to more well-known brands. For an example, I sold my Addidas slides from high school in three days, but it took almost a year for a pair of white pants to sell that were from Germany. I would recommend having a mix of both if you do have less popular brands you want to sell. People might stop by your online store for one item and end up buying something else.

4.) Shipping

To ship your sold items, you just have to get the priority mail boxes from the post office. You can do this by picking them up at your local post office or you can have them delivered to your home address. These boxes are completely free so there is no charge to you for doing either option. After you have your box, you want to make sure you package up your item nicely and neat. I usually do a thank you card, but you can go further than that and wrap your items in tissue paper. It’s going to be those extra touches that you put in your shipment that will have previous customers come back to your closet later.

5.) Post in Increments

I noticed a huge difference in my sales and engagement on the app when I post new items at different times of the day and weeks. When I do my spring cleaning of my closet each year, I would post 5-10 items weekly. That way you’re always having new items listed so people will come back each week to see what you’ve posted. Plus posting on Poshmark in detail can be time-consuming so breaking up your posting sessions can ward off exhaustion.

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6.) Titles and Descriptions           

Make your titles and descriptions as detailed as you can. For the title, you’ll want to be specific as possible and highlight the most important of the item. So for an example if I want to sell some addidas slides that were barely worn, then I would say “Addidas Barely Worn Slides” to highlight the brand and the wear. On the other hand if I want to sell a forever 21 camo print dress, I might put the title “Forever21 Camo Print Skater Dress with Cut Outs”. That way if someone searches for all camo dresses or for a dress with cut outs, your item will come show on their search feed.

In the description, make sure to look sizing, measurements, any damage, material of the item, anything that would be important for the buyer to know.

7.) Ratings

As people start purchasing from your closet, they can and most likely will leave a star rating and a comment about their experience from shopping from your store. It’s like any other online store, the better ratings you have the more likely you’ll get more sales. Nobody wants to purchase from a store that takes forever to ship, doesn’t full disclose any damage, or overall isn’t a great experience.

8.) Be Active & Comment Quickly

On the seller’s profile, you can see the last time they’ve been active on the app. I’m not saying that you have to be on the app constantly during every minute of the day, but at least once a day, you’ll want to share, answer comments, and share the love with others.

You’ll always earn more sales by commenting quickly. Most people won’t actually like the item before they leave a comment and leave, which means they won’t come back to your post unless you tag them in your reply back. By commenting back quickly, you’ll also be able to engage with the customer to answer any questions before they find something else to buy.


That’s it folks for my tips and tricks to selling on Poshmark! If you’ve never joined before, you can sign up using the code, BAFHO, to receive a $5 credit to your account to use on your first purchase. I hope you learned something from this post and that it helps you generate more sales from your online store.  


  • Great post I learned a couple news things 🌸

    • Makaela

      Thanks for reading and if you liked it, please share with your friends!

  • I had no idea about poshmark. I’ve seen it come up on my facebook feed but I didn’t know you could sell your own items! Definitely checking it out!

    • Makaela

      You definitely should! It’s so easy to use, shop online, and sell as well. They even made an update so now you can sell children or men clothes on there, if you wanted to sell those types of items too.

      Thank you for reading!