My Honest Review on LBVK Unlimited

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Recently, I found this online Instagram boutique called LBVK Unlimited and I fell in love with this denim choker that they had. It was destressed and just looked like it be a beautiful edgy piece to spice up any outfit. But I was kind of scared of ordering from an Instagram boutique, but I recently took the plunge to test it out. I am so glad that I did! I love every piece that I ordered and the shipping was pretty quick.

In this post, I want to give you my honest review on LBVK Unlimited so you can also get some trendy pieces to dress up your summer outfits!


The processing time took about 3 days, then once the company mailed my package, it came in about 2 days. LBVk Unlimited sent my package through Priority Mail so the shipping was really quick!


The silver necklace is called Alyssa (retail price $15.99) and the denim choker is called Kylie (retail price $15.99).


Once I opened my package, I was astonished to see the care that was put into my package and the design of it. Each necklace was in gold tissue paper with a gold logo sticker inside a white box to keep each necklace safe and sound, during shipment. My package also came with a personal thank you note thanking me for ordering from them that was handwritten.  

LBVK Unlimited


I ordered two different types of necklaces from LBVK Unlimited. One was the distressed denim choker that I mentioned before and the second one was a silver choker that is also gorgeous. The silver neck is such high quality, way better than I had expected. While the denim choker is also good quality and the denim feels well-worn, but I do wish the clash and the chain of the necklace was better quality. That part of the necklace feels pretty cheap, I have to be honest.

LBVK Unlimited


There is a sizing chart on the website under each necklace’s description so all you got to do is measure your neck size and compare it to the chart to get the perfect fit. For the silver necklace, I was able to use the sizing chart. But for the denim choker, you have the option to leave a note to the company on what size that you need the necklace to be, since each one is different. I accidently ordered the denim choker slightly too big, but that was totally my fault and not the seller’s. It still fits so no worries, I can make it work for my needs!

Here are some picture of the necklaces! I really hoped that you enjoyed this review and that you might also check out LBVK Unlimited, if you’re interested in any purchasing any of these necklaces.

LBVK Unlimited

LBVK Unlimited

LVBK Unlimited

What are your favorite stores to shop at? I’m looking for new places to shop for my back-to-school wardrobe.

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