My Dream Job | A Look into My Goals & Aspirations

A lot of time spent in pharmacy school is learning about the different fields that you can do with your PharmD degree, but sometimes those goals or careers can start earlier than after graduation. This summer, I took the plunge and started a blog so that I could connect and help other students through college and learning how to get into pharmacy school. But at the same time, I created this blog so that I could make an income from doing something that I love, which is writing and helping students. While that doesn’t directly relate to drugs or drug mechanisms, but it’s something that is totally different idea than what you may think of someone getting a PharmD degree.

The great part about loving what you do or learn is the ability to show others that passion for your career and to help other people through the same journey you went through. Hence the creation of this blog, but in reality, this isn’t my only goal in life or the finishing touches of my aspirations. It’s only the beginning.  It’s only the tip of the iceberg in the career or dream that I’ve created in my head for myself.


My Dream Job | A Look into My Goals & Aspirations


Here are some of my goals that I hope to achieve in less than 4 years…

  • Help college students have the best experience while in college and make the journey worth wild
  • Help high school and college students learn about pharmacy and get accepted into pharmacy school
  • Create a for-profit course that directly outlines how to be the best candidate for a rigorous professional program such as pharmacy school
  • Speak around the country at multiple colleges and programs to talk about pharmacy and give some nuggets of knowledge to those future students
  • Graduate pharmacy school, pass the NAPLEX exam, and pass the law exam in whatever state that I want to work in
  • Become an expert on the NAPLEX so that I could create a course and teach professional students how to pass the NAPLEX as well as understanding the material seen on the test
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Dream Career

The best part about pharmacy is the limitless career options that pharmacists can have. Literally if you want to do compounding for a few years, then go to a hospital setting to be a clinical pharmacist, then maybe you quit that job to pursue teaching. The options are limitless, which is why I love pharmacy. Over the course of college, I’ve learned a few things about myself that have changed the way I think of a career.

My dream career would encompass my love of writing, talking, and helping people. Seems like a match made in heaven, right? But wait, I also love compounding (aka making personalized medications for your patients), researching and testing new drugs in clinical trials, and teaching. I also enjoy being my own boss, working on my own time, and making passive income.


Here are the goals that my dream career needs to meet:

  • The ability to have multiple sources of income, passive and active
  • The ability to teach and make a difference in my community
  • The work needs to make me happy and not feel super stressed on a day-to-day basis
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Writing down your goals and dreams down on paper or on the internet is more likely to keep you accountable. The main reason for that is because you are putting yourself out there for the world to see and have multiple people supporting you throughout the whole journey. Plus you can then create a game plan of how you are going to achieve those goals you set for yourself. It’s a lot easier to keep those goals in mind when you see them written out daily. 

Now trust me, most of my fellow colleagues in the program think that I’m a little crazy and don’t think that this blog can become something amazing. But I know it can with enough hard work and dedication. I want to create a lifelong community here on my blog of high school students, college students, and anyone interested in professional school (medical or pharmacy).


What are your dreams and aspirations, either for your career or life? Let’s all support one another in our journey towards making our dreams a reality!

  • Shelly

    Interesting read ☺️ Public speaking is a great aspiration to have- really rewarding 👍🏻

    • Makaela

      Thank you! I’m glad that you enjoyed!