3 Study Tips to Ace the PCAT

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If you’re interested in pursuing medical school or maybe you’re obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy, then you might’ve heard about this really big test called the MCAT. While pharmacy school also a similar version called the PCAT. P for pharmacy basically. If you’re applying for pharmacy school, then most programs require their candidates to take the PCAT and do pretty well on the exam.

I remember like it was yesterday when I had to go into this large building, sit in a tiny room that was freezing, and had to actually take the test. I was so nervous I could barely concentrate! Then after the exam was over, I was so exhausted from it like could go into hibernation for a few years type of tired. Like, have you ever felt like your brain actually be tired? Imagine that and times it by 5. That’s how I felt.

But the good thing is that you don’t have to be like me! You can go ahead and implicate these three study tips that will help you ace the PCAT with less stress and more confidence, then when I took the PCAT.

3 Easy Study Tips to Ace the PCAT

So let’s get started!


Take practice exams

A lot of really good programs or books offer practice exams in the back of the book or online. Take as many practice exams as you can. You also break the exams down into each section so if you’re currently studying the math section, then you can just take the Math section of the practice exam to mark your progress.

There are also great practice exams online for you to test out and see how you do. Practice exams allow you to get the feel of the type of questions you’ll be tested on and give you the opportunity to work on your testing taking speed. When it comes to exam day, everything goes by super-fast, including the time limit for each section.


Here are some really popular study materials that include practice exams and examples:

Kaplan Prep Plus 2018-2019: http://amzn.to/2yQ42BX

PCAT Secret Study Guide: http://amzn.to/2yQ4MHf

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Study a little bit every day

The biggest problem with the PCAT that it includes everything you’ve learned in the first two years of college or everything you studied for the pharmacy prerequisites for pharmacy school. There’s just too much material to try to cram everything into a few weeks or even one month of studying. Plan to study anywhere from three to five months for the PCAT.

The best way to really retain the information that you’ll be going cover is to chop the information down into bite-sized pieces and study a little bit every day. That way you get the chance to actually understand the material, but you’ll retain it for a longer period of time.


Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to learn everything before the exam  

Some students try to learn everything there is possible before the official exam date for the PCAT, but trust me, it’s just not possible. You can try as hard as you might, but you won’t succeed. The best tip that I can give you about studying for the PCAT is to study the most on the subjects that you give you the hardest time or takes you the longest to do. For me, that was math and chemistry so I spent a lot of time practicing problems and watching videos to help me learn the material.

The thing with the PCAT is that it’s all of the material that you covered or will cover in the first two years of college so most of the material will be something you’ve already learned. Don’t fret that you can remember everything off the top of your head. Most of the information that you will need will eventually come back and make more sense on the exam when its fresh.

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Hopefully, I didn’t scare you with all of that information, but the PCAT is definitely something that you can overwhelm and do quite well on as long as you prepare for it. Preparation is literally the key to success! Just be prepared, study in pieces, and take your time when it comes to taking the PCAT.



Do you have any study tips that you’re doing to prepare for the PCAT? What’s one thing that you wish you would’ve known before taking the PCAT?


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